Our PWP program is your way of thanking your customers for their loyalty. The more qualifying purchases they make the more PWP Points you receive!

How can I give away PWP Points?

You can earn 100 PWP Points additionally for each $1 you spend on an item (excluding shipping fees, tax, and any other fees associated with your order). For example, if your item was $500, you would get 5000 ($5). This action is up to the discretion of the sponsor.

No enrollment is necessary to receive PWP Points, but certain restrictions apply, including these:
You must use a PWP Account (guest checkout orders do not qualify)

Review all EULA, Terms and Conditions in our application and online

  • Automate Your Selling – automated affiliate link generating tool with our social media API
  • Control Panel integration – a product showcase widget tool to sync productions with promotions
  • LinkGenerator Bookmarklet – enables you to create links to pages on an advertiser’s site without logging into the Publisher Dashboard. Create your deep links easier than ever.
  • Back-end Access– is where you can find features and applications designed to help you increase productivity while providing your audience with a more targeted, engaging shopping experience.
  • Promo Product Data Feed – designed for sponsors who can support and manipulate a large database of product links or in store products that are updated on a daily basis.

Examples of best-suited sites:

shoppers with items between $1 and $30 in value on site event promotions free digital marketing interaction content

  • APIs and Web Services – access our advanced tools in the Developer Center when you register as a sponsor
  • Reporting Tools – for managing and optimizing your Sponsor program. Track every aspect of your customer experience.